Sunday, August 6, 2017

Audio Version of Easing into the Tao te Ching is Now Available!

The latest addition to the Easing Into comparative religion program is out in audio!  Easing into the Tao te Ching features gifted narrator Collene Curran.  This short work allows listeners to gently enter the world of the Tao through ten "great ideas" found in the work.  Explanations of each idea, original poetry for contemplation or opening material for small groups and five probing questions to take you deeper into your inquiry all function to provide a wonderful introduction to this sometimes difficult text.

The Easing Into Collection is slowly growing to include titles from all the major world traditions.  In this time of discomfort with what is "other", I pray it will help people of all faiths understand what is important and beautiful in other traditions. Watch this fall for You Tube teachings from this series and be sure to tune into or download past programs of my radio show, Deep Communion, which are available on the ArtistFirst Radio network.

Here is the link to it's Amazon page.  Enjoy!

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