Monday, July 17, 2017

Dragonfly House Summer Update

The gardens are in full swing now--peas plants over seven feet tall, 18 5-foot tomato plants, raised beds full of kohlrabi, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, green and yellow beans, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkin, zucchini and more.  I seeded the small hill in my backyard with wildflowers, and every day something new surprises me. My "English Cottage gardens" in the front of the house are going wild with colors and textures. In the newly opened fields, poplar trees are sprouting up.  Mike seeded in oats, different kinds of clover and a plant unfortunately called "rape" that is part of the cabbage family that white tailed deer adore.

Art-wise, I've been creating woven pieces out of sticks and used yarn, hand painted paint stir sticks for garden markers, rehabbed some old furniture, made benches out of old chairs, and painted small white tiles to create a "wall quilt" for the living room. I'm also making "garden flowers" out of old china and glass pieces, attached to blue wine bottles and then placed in the ground around the garden for extra flair and color.  I'll be creating cement brick and landscape timber benches to place around the property. Mike and Ian put up a new screened porch this summer, and we'll be adding a lovely pond liner and fish just off the deck.
Mike is also starting to get the hunting blinds in order.  Our long-range goal is to create hunting blinds approximately 8'x8' that will have pallet-board paneling,  a fold down bed frame, small grill, small heater and small outdoor portapotty, chair and pull down writing surface arrangements that can be rented to Air B&B folks or used for small meditation hermitages in the off season. We'll have a bonfire each night up in the main garden.  Eventually we may add single-person screen in porches to each. I'm super excited to be able to lead contemplative retreats out here in the future.

Family Wild, our wonderful hunting, fishing and wildlife arts program will be launching in September.  The first tier of books are in the final editing stage, and our merchandise is nearly complete and ready to go. Mike will be hosting a new radio show to encourage folks to explore nature with their kids in a variety of ways.

Happy summertime to you!