Friday, April 28, 2017

Twig Lanterns and other Cedar Art at Dragon Fly House

With all the cedar down with the land clearing going on, I've been really drawn into seeing what I can make with limbs, small trees and the a few larger logs.  Above are LED light lanterns.  I'm still perfecting the way to put the walls together, but I can tell you It's a great deal of fun. The two light colored ones were created with paper walls, the blue on the left with cloth. These prototypes, imperfect as they are, were incredible at night.  It'll be fun to try to embed dried leaves between layers of tissue paper next, creating the panels.

Sometimes, coming off steroids for breathing, I find I have a few days of "total right brain" energy. Writing is much more difficult, but everywhere I look, I get ideas for building, crafting, weaving, etc.  It's a fun energy, despite the gentle guilt of not sitting in front of the computer for my usual six hours or so.  

This is the baby-beginnings of another project, weaving and yarn wrapping a branch.  I'll post it when it is complete. The wood is nearly five feet high to give you perspective.  I'm going to do a whole set of them as a wall mural.

 This is an example of cedar bough weaving I am doing.  When the cedar is fresh cut, it's pretty flexible and easy to weave with.

The frame is huge--it will eventually hide the bright yellow electrical pole. 

 Here is a frame for peas this summer. I like the unusual triangle shape for the garden. Vertical interest is a great deal of fun.

 This is the beginning of raised bed gardens. Mike has done two and has the materials cut for a third.  We've also been laying out whole logs to do easily worked squares. We should have about ten garden spaces when everything is completed.

We have a drumming circle/Aramaic Jesus chant night coming up Sunday, and I've also been creating rhythm instruments. (By the way, did you know 5 gallon water containers make amazing drums?!)  Above are rhythm sticks (you just click them together).  I found a four-inch by 16-inch interesting weathered old log and it's great to drum on as well.  I'll be wood burning it and sealing it.  I've been saving all kinds of small pill containers, and even a great Sweet Baby Ray's bottle (it has a built in handle!) and filling them with rice or popcorn. Each has its own "voice" and they are fun to decorate as well.  I'll post when the entire rhythm set is done.

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