Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cedar Weaving

I've been playing with cedar trees this week.  As work progresses on our property, I've felt this huge surge to be physically creative.  Gardens are going in, and I've been playing with branch weaving, yarn wrapping and weaving on strong Y sticks, and later, I'd like to start a basic small log shelter near my big birch tree (it takes three people to reach around it--a grand old lady).

The big outdoor projects are fun because they make me get off my butt. I love writing, but it's so refreshing to take a few days "off" and be creative in other ways.

I've been saving pill bottles to create little shakers, too--I'll be doing painting and what not on them as well--pictures later.  They have great sound!  I used popcorn inside, but for a softer voice, use rice, harsher voice, use small bits of gravel.  We have a drum circle coming up, and I wanted to to show folks how to make their own instruments--saved a Sweet Baby Ray's bottle, too--it has a huge open face for painting and it's own "handle".  Too funny,  Ketchup bottles would work great there, too!

OK, here are the pictures!

(Pea vine support in a triangular garden with rock and logs. We'll be filling with dirt and compost soon.)

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