Monday, March 6, 2017

Being in Community: a poem

It’s just this simple, it’s just this hard!
When you can love and honor your parents
but take a different path;
When you can hold your partner in the night
but choose a different Way;
When you can enjoy your friend’s new haircut
but love your own curls or pixie or emo-style;
When your society decides what is proper for a young man or woman,
but you act on what is proper in your heart;
When you don’t heal unless asked
but you respond when needed;
When you Know and choose not to speak,
but willingly share when approached;
When you are shamed or injured by another
and can still see the light with the dark in them;
When you honor your teachers
but integrate their paths into your own Way

Then you are learning to Stand Up into Community.

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