Thursday, March 30, 2017

Giggling I AM: a poem

has grasped my imagination,
teased me apart,
until the space between my molecules
and I gasp out
and can lay on the floor,
looking up at the water stains on the ceiling
still snuffing and grinning
cry out a moment later


Just Because: a poem

Why miracles?
Why hope?
Every morning, a trillion cells
decide to rub shoulders without a union;
a trillion tiny minds order goods for the mitochondria;
dividing and living and dying away,
this passes through, that passes on,
dendrites relaying on signals without comment,
while half a human cosmos waits to dance with
wiggling ephemera,
giving themselves to passion and division
songs to
Just Because
No Reason
At All.

Eat This: a poem

Wrap the word around
the spicy meat of the matter,
shake in a few definitions,
layer with fresh conversation,
jalapeno pepper conflict,
hints of minty reflection,
perhaps a dab of honey mustard artwork or
mayonnaise music.
Stomach it?
No calories
are ever guaranteed.

Exhale: a poem

On each exhale,
I grow,
a single note,
caught up in the murmur
f this round body,
this green room,
this hunting camp house,
this lake-side city,
this mitten-shaped state,
this map-drawn country
this swirling, whirling world,
this whirling universe
this pilgrim galaxy
this empty-ful cosmos
this Mystery.

And then? Breathe in. 

New Designs: a poem

Laced with frothy pink,
tissue-paper horizon bending
as I breathe.
Garden stones hunker as the flowers nod,
shadow painting granite flecks.
Stigma on style,
each yellow bit,
fuzzy with life.
In the new field,
a single leaf unfurls,
pushing wood chips and mud

into a new design.

Let All the Doing be Done: a poem

Come away with me,
Just this once,
and let all the doing be done.
Have you ever been held
in breath’s cradle,
rocked so subtly
your spine sighs?
Have you ever caught rainbow flashes of light
the face of thought
thought remembers itself?
Come away with me,
just this once,
and let all the doing
Be Done.

Lusty Calligraphy: a poem

I heard the Spring Peepers whisper and
had to chase
the note,
 draw it in,
feel the very bottom of my lung ache
to hit such on such a love song
without measure or lyric,
trusting only the cold wind
to hang it on a cedar bough
or wrap it around a birch trunk
long enough for
the next breath to ripple it over
some pond surface
with lusty calligraphy.

What is This But Joy? a poem

The bills spin out over the table,
a modern Pacific Northwest native art tableau
in red and black and white.
Muddy clumps smear the line of the kitchen linoleum,
boxed shapes smudged into ovals.
I can smell goat on my clothing,
a rank note flavoring
the sweetness of Zuppa Toscana.
Today, in April, it will snow.

What is all this but joy?

Devotional Discipline: a poem

I avoid the red-line through the
Chocolate bar;
the urge to turn the symphony music down;
the dogmatic phrase;
the militaristic hymn;
the naysayer of nap-time;
the tirade about tattoos.
I sip my coffee,
fingers moving over the keyboard
each day, every day,
devoted to saying
what sometimes others
cannot and will not.

It’s all divine, I laugh.

Just a Suggestion: a poem

What is the difference
commandment and suggestion?
A few letters,
a nuance.
I will chain you here until you understand
the links
clatter metallic
only when you shift position.
Don’t move.

It’s just a suggestion.

What Shall I Give You Today? a poem

What shall I give you today?
A whimsical note on this flute?
A feathered touch,
my finger like the chickadee wing in winter?
Shall I breathe across your skin,
sending goose-bumps budding?
Or perhaps
sing you a poem
never write it down
so only our smiles recall

its passing?

The Word Fisher: A Poem

He saw an otter race across our open field;
I laughed.
“Otter you check your senses?”

An otter in a forest, far from water?

But he knew what he saw;
I knew what I knew.

Memory and book learning clashed
the word “Fisher” came up.

And now, nothing is certain!

Sitting Stupor: A poem

Sitting stupor
Coffee charisma
Shaking self
Miserable white sugar and little black grains.
Who would drink black water anyway?
I did not hear the cedar whisper
and so
missed the whole point

of the day.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Win a Copy of One of My New Books!

Easing into the Dhammapada (The Easing Into Collection Book 2) by [Beyer, Kim]

Follow this link to enter to win a free copy of my book Easing into the Dhammapada.  

This is the second book in the Easing Into Collection, a fun series of books about religion that explores the ten great ideas of different texts, teachers and traditions and poses questions for deep group discussion.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Easing Into Collection

This year I've started in on a massive writing project--The Easing Into Collection.  The works take a thematic approach to religious topics of many stripes--from the writings of Christian mystics to the great epics of India; from the scriptures of Judaism to the enigmatic verses of Lao Tzu; from the earthy and poignant Black Elk Speaks to the highest flights of philosophy with Shankara.

In each, I take the ten great ideas of the text rather than creating yet another exhaustive (and somewhat boring) linear study.  Add a little original and responsive poetry and five questions designed for deep discussion or journal prompts and provide a list of references for each great idea and I end up with books useful for both communities and self-study.  Most of the titles run about 75 pages, and they'll be available soon in audio as well.  In this age of tight schedules, they don't overwhelm and yet provide plenty of comparative religion "meat".

Each book will eventually have a similar cover but a different color so they will create a lovely rainbow on your shelf.

Here is the praise for the first book in the series (Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras--I will be dividing these texts and placing them under their own covers in the future) as posted on

This book is both inspiring and practical. As spiritual seekers, there is a temptation to reach out for more and more teachings to perhaps find those magical words that will set us free. While this may be useful in the beginning, there comes a time for actually putting the teachings to work in our lives where the magic can make a difference in our understanding. The format for this lovely volume provides exercises and suggestions for applying these ancient teachings in our everyday lives and finding how fully alive and transformative they still are. Thank you Ms. Beyer-Nelson.

I read Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras last year when it was first published. Now I have the audio version narrated by Jack Nolan and I've listened to it as I followed along in the book. His voice has a good pace and expression as he narrated. It's like reading it again but at a slower more gentle pace. I especially liked his reading when he came to the poetry sections.

An easy read with a simple and approachable perspective on Yoga's two great masterful works.

As a beginning yoga student, I have been focused on positions and breathing. Beyer-Nelson provides a thought-provoking entry into the principles behind yoga. This is not a book for readers looking for instructions on poses. Instead, it moves the reader beyond to consider his/her mind state and how the body and mind work together to restore peace and health. The poetry is an added bonus. I'll come back to this book to deepen my awareness.

This is a wonderful, thought-provoking book. It's short, but I like a book that says what needs to be said without a lot of extra fluff. I run a Yoga Teacher Training program and I plan to add this to my required reading list. You definitely need to read the Gita and Sutras (and the author tells you this up front), but after you've read them, come back to this book. I can also see this as a good resource for Yoga workshops (not just teacher trainings) or for individuals looking to better their understanding of Yoga.

I  hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Titles Currently Available

Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by [Beyer-Nelson, Kimberly]

Easing into the Dhammapada (The Easing Into Collection Book 2) by [Beyer, Kim]

Easing into the Gospel of Thomas (The Easing Into Collection Book 3) by [Beyer, Kim]

Easing into the Bhagavad Gita (The Easing Into Collection Book 4) by [Beyer, Kim]

Monday, March 6, 2017

Being in Community: a poem

It’s just this simple, it’s just this hard!
When you can love and honor your parents
but take a different path;
When you can hold your partner in the night
but choose a different Way;
When you can enjoy your friend’s new haircut
but love your own curls or pixie or emo-style;
When your society decides what is proper for a young man or woman,
but you act on what is proper in your heart;
When you don’t heal unless asked
but you respond when needed;
When you Know and choose not to speak,
but willingly share when approached;
When you are shamed or injured by another
and can still see the light with the dark in them;
When you honor your teachers
but integrate their paths into your own Way

Then you are learning to Stand Up into Community.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Larger Nest: a poem

I will never fully be family—
he and his children by another woman
draw lines in the sand,
and while I might toe the grains
give salt to salt,
they are not mine and
I am not theirs.
I see him in them--
this gesture,
that laugh.
50% of all marriages end in divorce—
100% of all lives end in death.
And so, I bear such little tragedies
nestle them with a light-hearted
in a much larger