Friday, February 24, 2017

I Wondered: a poem

I watched his red face, the fist swinging-arch
in his rear-view mirror.
I saw her pull at her child, her fingers
clench white and clawed while others turned away.
I listened to him tell his tale of loss
yet again, nothing changing as the years eeked by.

And I wondered.

I watched him raise his glass of beer
because the team had won,
good excuse as any.
I saw her sign a contract for millions of dollars,
Millions watching, chips in hand.
I heard him say my country, right or wrong
while others cheered.

And I wondered.

I sat with the heron along the creek bed,
the air a thin sheet of dampness on my skin.
I held my child, seventeen and weeping
on the bathroom floor and
could not measure the time spent.
I stood by the coffin of a three year-old,
knowing the next time I saw his mother
it would be her wedding day.
Would both be filled with such sunlight,
playfully spanning the stained glass window?

And so, I wondered.

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