Monday, February 20, 2017

Homestead Update February 20, 2107

These pictures are from the first day of work freeing up the 40 acres of swamp that makes up most of our property.  The cedar grow so small, stunted and tight you have to crawl through in places.  In the deep winter, there are no tracks in the swamp--it's fairly "dead" space and not very usable for hunting. 

We listed the back forty on Craigslist, offering free wood for folks who wanted to harvest it.  A chipping company took us up on it, and started in this week. In less than three hours, they opened up about an acre, neatly stacking and sorting the wood as they went. 

And the bonus?  We've already seen deer tracks, evidence they were drawn to the tender tops of the cedar now on the ground.  And both a hawk and a bald eagle circled the space--now we have a vista where we can actually see the sky and birds.  Two grouse strutted through this morning, all a feast for us feather-watchers!

We can hardly wait to see the whole 40 open up.  We will have two "bands" of trees we will leave, sectioning the 40 into three big fields with highways for the deer to move through the land and access the alfalfa and clover.  

I'll update the blog with pictures as we go along.


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