Sunday, February 19, 2017

Deep Communion--with Guest Rev. Karen Bacon

Follow this link to hear my interview with Rev. Karen Bacon--a touching and inspiring story of living with mental illness and a hope-filled message of healing. 

You'll also find a link to Karen's blog which explores how art and writing aided in her recovery.  Her work is provocative and beautiful, almost not-this-worldly.  I deeply appreciate her honesty--whether speaking truth about the pain of mental illness or the joy of spiritual ecstasy.  

Deep Communion, my radio show, airs the third Wednesday at 1 PM Eastern Time at on the internet. Check back monthly for downloadable MP3 copies of the program. 

The show allows me to give voice to folks who work with the Spirit in all manner of things--from gardening to music, art to ministry, writing to healing.  You can also find links to all my books on that page.

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