Thursday, February 9, 2017

Alpena Common House and Infinity Church

Hello everyone!

We are moving our Common House gatherings to the First Congregational United Church of Christ Fellowship Hall (elevator accessible second floor) beginning February 19. Please do pass this on to friends who might be interested in our topics and gatherings. We'll also be shifting our meeting time to 6:30 PM to work better with the church's alternative worship service called Underground Church that meets downstairs at 5 PM.  Tea will be served after each service and we'll keep a simple free will donation bowl.

Beginning March 19, we'll be alternating our Common House program with Infinity Church, a fully experiential worship experience featuring an always interesting blend of movement, chant, drumming, art, journaling, meditation, and more.  All faiths are welcome as well as folks who might call themselves "spiritual not religious" or even "religious nones". :-) If you know folks in the community who might enjoy leading such experiences, please drop their name(s) to me!

Notice, too, the first Infinity Church retreat entitled The Enneagram and Mystics will be held on September 16 at 9:30-3:30 at the church.  I'll have more information available for you all as we get a little closer, but I thought you might want to reserve the date!

Here is the calendar through May.  Please cut it out and post it on your refrigerator.  You can also follow The Common House of Alpena on Facebook (if you see a sunflower, you'll know you are on the correct page!

Sunday, Feb 19: Common House of Alpena: Vivekananda and Hazrat Inayat Kahn: Heart and Head of Wisdom

Sunday Feb 26: Common House of Alpena: Thomas Merton and Interfaith Dialogue

Sunday March 5: Common House: The Tao te Ching: Wu Wei Living

Sunday, March 19: First Infinity Church: Presenter: Kim Nunneley: The Centering Prayer/Welcoming Tradition

Sunday, March 6: The Common House of Alpena: Adyashanti and non-dualism

Sunday April 2: Infinity Church: Presenter:

Sunday, April 9: The Common House of Alpena: Meister Eckhart and “God save me from my idea of God”

Sunday April 16: (Easter Sunday) Infinity Church: Presenter:

Sunday April 23: The Common House of Alpena: Pema Chodron and Tonglen

Sunday April 30: Infinity Church: Presenter:

Infinity Church Retreat: Rev Kayle Rice and Nancy Irish, Presenters.  Enneagram and Mystics.  9:30-3:30 PM, Saturday September 16.

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