Monday, January 9, 2017

Puppies are all Sold

This has been a lovely experience, getting to know the new families our puppies are headed to.  Orange Collar Girl, our last to go, will be headed out to Washington D.C.

We delivered puppies around the state of Michigan last week, and it was really fun watching the kids get all excited about the new "kid".  The families have been great at staying in touch, and I'll feature a few of their pictures here on my blog.

We purchased a gorgeous and colorful black and white AKC Standard Poodle puppy to add to our breeding program in the future.  His name is Maverick of Family Wild, and he's about four days younger than our pups. He'll be helping me stabilize coats even more, and will be standing to outside females from both Standard Poodle and Doodle lineages.

We're also excited about Puck of Family Wild standing at stud beginning this fall.  Puck is a beautiful CKC registered black F1B Labradoodle, athletic and loving. He'll be starting obedience and agility this spring.

I only plan to have one litter a year, but enjoy standing my boys at stud and contributing to the Doodle breed.  They are simply the best dogs in the world.

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