Sunday, December 18, 2016

Double Doodle Puppies going FAST!

I have been so thankful--we have had the most lovely families coming to select a puppy to be a part of their lives.  Our litter of seven has only three more left (and one is currently pending--new owners are figuring out which one!).  I've put the three picture below. I'm offering $100 off for agreement to spay or neuter and an additional $100.00 off for an agreement to do Puppy Obedience, advanced obedience, agility, service dog or 4-H.  Look at my previous post to get a sense of what comes with our puppies, our guarantees and free delivery program.  Message me here, or go to Facebook and look up Family Wild North American Retrievers to message me.

SOLD! Pink girl is still available--she is highly intelligent, high energy, smaller framed but with a no-shed deeper Apricot coat and sunny, curious disposition. She is my Pick of Litter girl.  She will make an incredible agility dog.  She actually climbs fences with her feet...I mean three feet up!  Unbelievable.  But she sooo wants someone to play with and who she can please.

Orange girl is more laid-back and sometimes shy girl, although when feeding, she will choose human contact over the food, which is interesting. She sports a very soft lighter apricot coat, but has black and pink paw pads and some white toe-nails, which means she sports a parti gene (primary color and white markings)

Yellow boy is actually one of my favorites.  He has white on his paws (again, mostly invisible because of white nails and paw pad colors), a soft lighter apricot coat and lots of size--easily the biggest in the litter right now. Although curious and active, he's fairly verbally quiet compared to his litter mates.

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