Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Old Cabin: After Photos

What you see here is a year's worth of work--but what a difference it has made to this old cabin. A great deal of what you see here was purchased at the Restore, a retail branch of Habitat for Humanity. And most of the old lights, windows, etc ended up at the Restore to be, in turn, re-purposed. In any case, enjoy the photo-show! 

The Cabin Before

A year ago, my husband and I started a massive rehab project on a little cabin. It has been a truly remarkable experience, bringing life back into old walls, learning as we went along.  Perhaps the greatest gift has been the recognition that he and I could "see" a finished product in our minds, and then work toward that vision with small, careful steps. 

I was meditating, and into that private and sacred time, an old lady came to me.  For a while, she helped me plant the bricks of my labyrinth in the circle of some old maple trees. "What should I be concentrating on now?" I asked her.  She hunkered, dusting the dirt from her hands on the front of her cover-alls.  "Nurture and create beauty," Then she went back to work, building the spiral one brick at a time.

These are the "before" pictures of the cabin.  You also have to image rotten floors, water damage, and sixty years of mouse poop! Read the next entry for the "after" images.