Thursday, December 31, 2015

Unity Candle Wedding Poem

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Unity Candle Poem
by Kim (Beyer) Nunneley

I wrote this poem for my recent wedding. It's lovely to honor all the names of the two families that are also being woven together. Enjoy! 

Any marriage is more than two becoming one
for we could not
any of us,
be without the holy litany
Of lives around and within us.

Today is a day of marriage—
But it is also a day of weaving.
Of creating warp and woof with light,
with the threads of individuals supporting and in turn
With each pass,
we hereby trust
the shuttle of Time
will design
a whole and rich life for all herein named,
a handwoven fabric of family both complex and delightful.

Here we weave with candle flame for
just as light holds all colors and yet is One,
so, too, does a marriage seek to
illuminate and warm
scent and transform
small and solitary beings
something somehow greater than
the mere sum of 1+1.

The first candle we light for
Ashley and Michael Young, Joshua and Courtney Nunneley
For Karen and Wes Nunneley
For Tim and Becky Nunneley and their children Macie and Spencer
For Sue and John Spurbeck
For Nathan Young
Mike’s children, parents, siblings, niece, nephew and grandchildren

The second candle we light for
Rob and Ashley Yeager and Ian Nelson
For Marilyn and Del Beyer
For Brian and Kristy and Bryce Beyer
For Gabe and Isabelle Yeager
Kim’s children, parents, siblings, nephew and grandchildren

The third candle is the loom built fresh today
But from ancient ancestral wood;
The third candle is
The beeswax and wick of
Impossible honey-flight and nodding rootedness wed;
It is both prayer and vow,
the place where the rain touches light
And creates an arch linking
Two minds,
Two hearts,
Two souls.
 (Kim and Mike Light the Unity candle)

From two families,
two individuals.
From two individuals,
A single intimate gaze
Illuminated by plain weave and light.
Lord of all creation,
Let it be.
Let it be.
And Bless it all with Thy grace.



  1. This is just so adorable dear. Thank you so much for sharing it here. I am getting married at best DC wedding venues next to next month and I will be really glad, if this poem will be played as background music during my wedding reception.

  2. You are most welcome to use this poem. Blessings!