Monday, March 2, 2015

Future Step-sons and Other Storms

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“God is found wherever pain is. This leaves God on both sides of every war, in sympathy with both the pain of the perpetrator and the pain of the victim.  I wonder if we even like that. There are no games of moral superiority left to us now. Yet this is exactly the kind of Lover and the universal love that humanity needs.”
(Richard Rohr, from “Yes, and… daily meditations, pg. 79)

In the morning the storm had passed,
And sitting in the living room,
Warm sunshine casting shadows beneath my eyes,
I wonder,
What did I learn in that tension, in the later rush of tears, Lord?

This is all I can speak today:
I writhed in the pain of being “forgiven” or “prayed for” when I
Did not need or ask for it—
I now feel viscerally how forgiveness can be used as a weapon,
And I vow never to pick up that sword.

That judgment and discernment are not the same-
The first is done upon one,
The second entered into through dialogue and relationship
And requires two or more willing to gather in Your name.
May I recall this: "judge not lest ye be judged" is a call to radical freedom
not a simple platitude.

                That when one invokes and speaks as if he or she is
                The voice of a group, of a family, a church, a nation,
                It exposes their own tender weakness and fear
               And asks me to see that humanity with soft eyes and an open heart.

That when one says they “do not hate”,
But their actions exclude, separate and ignore,
Then simply admitting hated would be kinder—
May I renew my commitment to follow the path of Love.
                That theology can be a veil between souls,
                Cherished Ideas more important than
                Seeing the tension, hearing the pain and mourning,
                Than seeing the humanity and divinity in our midst.
                May I choose to bow to God present in the other instead.

That half-truths and third hand stories are more dangerous
Than no truth at all;
May I prefer not to think I know,
But always be open to hear.

                That relationship begins with invitation-
                Play pool with me, break this bread that looks like nachos,
                Wish me well on my journey home,
                And understand always—God takes no sides
                In the often awkward play of His children.



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