Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Audio Version!!! This Nurturing Awe: Poems Inspired by the 99 Names of Allah

Coming in Mid-February
with talented narrator
Jack Nolan!

Available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

About the Poetry Collection:

When any of the great world religions is portrayed in media in simple black and white images and broad generalizations, the poets of the world really are called to remind everyone of the light that is also there, at the heart of the tradition.  In this work, Kimberly Beyer introduces us to the 99 Beautiful Names of God and how each is a window into the Divine, not just as a transcendent idea but as a manifest reality. Designed to be read aloud, and used in liturgy, each Name will come alive for you in the everyday, the simple, a kind of nurturing awe that will lead you naturally into gratitude and devotion.

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