Saturday, January 31, 2015

Soul Friending (Spiritual Direction)

Soul Friending
at the First Congregational United Church of Christ
Kim Beyer, MA, CHHC, CYTh, SD, RM

“Where is God in this?”
With a single question, a simple knock, a door opens and the journey begins. This is not the work of fixing, not the work of just the mind, and has nothing to do with strategies or control.  This is the time when we listen, together, for the still, small voice of God and learn to trust and work from that center of groundedness in ourselves.

Rather than counseling, which seeks to create actions that are based on full sense of a healthy ego and move you forward into the future functionally, this work is seeking the deeper ground of how we “live, move and have our being”.  As much about trusting and loving God as trusting and loving yourself, soul friending steps out the round  of “doing” and helps you to experience “being”. The fruits of the practice are sometime subtle, and occasionally deeply moving as you set aside masks and come face to face with Another.

What Happens in the First Session?
First we meet and just visit a bit.  It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe with me, and I with you.  I’ll tell you a little about myself, how I came into this work and how I understand the intimate nature of Soul Friending, including rules I hold myself to and the kinds of disclosures to the state I must make if they arise in our time together.  If everything seems harmonious, we’ll continue.  

Otherwise, I may suggest other resources in the community that will serve you better. 

Going Forward Together:
If we decide to continue meeting, you will come at the agreed-upon time. You enter into a quiet room.  A candle is lit, a small prayer said, and then you and I will enter into silence.  When you are ready to speak, you begin.  If you wish to spend a great deal of time in the quiet, I will be there with you, praying with and for you and for the guidance of the Spirit to work through us both. I am not the expert, the superior, the counselor.  I am just holding space for you, asking questions that will turn you again and again to God.  I try to be a simple hollow flute, and get out of the way.

Does this cost anything?
I put out a donation bowl for this service.  In big cities, folks pay as much as $75.00 an hour for this time together. I work in a different way, loving barter (flowers, yarn, veggies from your garden, etc) as much as cash.  I keep little envelopes in the basket and you decide what you would like to leave for the day. It’s that simple. Trust the Spirit.

For appointments, you may leave me a message at the First Congregational United Church of Christ.  

About me:

Kim holds a master’s degree in comparative religion and a graduate certificate in holistic healthcare from Western Michigan University. She completed a year of adult spiritual formation classwork with the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.  She is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Therapist with the Rocky Mountain School of Yoga and Ayurveda and has been teaching for over twenty years in both hospital and community settings.  She is a Reiki Master, a spiritual director for over 15 years and qigong for balance and movement enhancement instructor.  A hand-weaver and author of science fiction, comparative religion non-fiction and poetry books, Kim lives a life full of creativity and joy that spills out to her students. She looks forward to meeting you in person!

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