Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dhul-Jala-wal-Ikram: This Nurturing Awe

“Everything in the universe passes away,
But what remains is the face of the Sustainer,
full of power and beautiful abundance. (Sura 55:26-27)

Come out with me onto this snowy field,
the stubble of summer’s corn like vertebrae
the light dim and bluish.
And here,
lay down on the sleeping bag I have spread,
lay down, too, all the burdens you have carried,
the masks, the painful memories, the not-enoughness.
Now, lift your eyes,

There! where stars
are coalescing out of dust,
where photons slide through cold and dark
lightning without thunder;
where the whole face of this small galaxy spreads out,
and makes you feel, for one moment, quite insignificant.
And makes you feel, for one moment, larger than it all.
Because no matter how vast, your mind can still hold
the furthest nothingness,
maybe only
God is there
humming in your ear the song of this nurturing awe,
and spelling it out in brilliance across the winter sky.


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