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Current List of Books and Audio Works by Kimberly Beyer-Nelson

Books by Kim
All titles are available in both Kindle and Paperback formats from Amazon.com
Most in Audio as well, with professional readers to bring the words alive for you!

Non-Fiction Works

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Yeshua’s Yoga: 
The Non-Dual Consciousness Teachings of the Gospel of Thomas

"I suspect you will find this book quite exciting, comforting, and also challenging! The Gospel of Thomas, so new on the scene yet perhaps the oldest of all, is waiting for just such insight and commentary as this. This is a new opening for all believers to unitive and non-dual consciousness."

Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
Center for Action and Contemplation
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Gospel of Thomas, unearthed in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945, remains one of the most exciting archaeological finds of recent centuries. But how prepared are we to approach this text on its own terms? How accurately are we able to discover what it is saying, immersed as we are in 2000 years of Platonic and dualistic Christian orthodoxy? Thanks to the influx of Eastern knowledge and the new crop of Western teachers willing to re-approach their Christian tradition as the Eastern event that Jesus was, we may finally be able to see the meaning and philosophical structure of this ancient and truly remarkable text. The Gospel of Thomas delineates the Way of Yeshua, a spiritual path that guides us through six clear movements of searching, finding, trouble, wonder, reigning, and rest. The resonance with classic Yogic paths makes this document the bridge many searchers need to reconcile and fully embrace the wisdom of both the East and the West.

“Kim is a consummate teacher, so who better to advance the Gospel of Thomas as the stunning teaching tool it is? Using poetry, reason, sacred insight, and spiritual practice, Kim provides a pragmatic and engaging pathway into this Gospel. Every passage is infused with her passion for direct knowing. Don’t miss it!” Rev. Dr. Thomas Thresher

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Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

“This is a wonderful, thought-provoking book. It's short, but I like a book that says what needs to be said without a lot of extra fluff. I run a Yoga Teacher Training program and I plan to add this to my required reading list. You definitely need to read the Gita and Sutras (and the author tells you this up front), but after you've read them, come back to this book. I can also see this as a good resource for Yoga workshops (not just teacher trainings) or for individuals looking to better their understanding of Yoga.” Verified Amazon Reader

This simple introduction to both the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is a gentle way to ease into these ancient texts. Crafted for use in Hatha Yoga studios, teacher training programs and experiential classroom venues, students will find the language of the book friendly and engaging while teachers will find a rich offering of dialogue-encouraging questions and activities to enrich the learning experience. Enlivened by original poetic commentaries and fleshed out with real world applications of these teachings, Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras provides an excellent starting point for the study of Indian philosophy.

Poetry Collections

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An Invitation to Openness: Poems for Individuals and Communities Seeking the Sacred in the Present Moment (with Sue Sutherland-Hanson, MAT, MDiv)

“I am delighted by the wise beauty of this book of poetry. Both authors bring a distinctive voice, yet there is a music, a dance reading them in tandem. It reminds me of another compelling book, Between Two Souls, a book of poems that work as a dialogue between an 18th C Zen monk and a 21st C Christian nun. An Invitation to Openness is evocative of such deep conversation, where you hear the other put into words what you felt deeply. This morning, I read one of the author's poems, "Immanent." She speaks of the poet's task and profound calling: "Renewed faith in details fills me with determination to praise particulars..." I am trying not to read the book too quickly...one bite is filling! I want the joy to last.” Verified Amazon Reader

This is a powerful collection of poems, calling out to contemplatives and inter-faith grandmothers, church members, artists, athletes, patients, and all manner of humans desiring to sense the Sacred in the many textures of life. Kim Beyer-Nelson and Sue Sutherland-Hanson respond to the different names of the Divine drawing from the Christian West, Muslim Middle-East, and the Eastern home of Hindus and Buddhists. These poems invite a spectrum of seekers, from new mothers to seasoned monks, in liturgical community or in solitude, to open to the depth of every season’s NOW.
While this collection shows how the arts can be used in meditative community, it’s important to share that the first year’s proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the social justice cause of healthy oceans. In this way, the poets invite you into an active demonstration of how the contemplative arts can participate in social action.

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At Matthew’s Knee: A Poetic Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

“I loved it because the author went right through the gospel of Matthew, writing a few lines from the Bible, and then leaping into poems that seemed to spring in a number of different ways from the reading: what she might have reacted to in the reading, how she has understood the reading translates into her life, our lives, or some things that seemed altogether different from the reading but sprung from her. I loved the fluidity. I would recommend this book to others who enjoy reading holy text and sitting with it in their heart, or perhaps doing as she did, letting that heart move to pen and paper.” Verified Amazon Reader

Kimberly Beyer-Nelson, who holds a master's degree in comparative religion, is a nationally published poet and author. She takes the reader on a very different kind of Biblical journey, one based in the language of poetry, intuition and unity. Pulling from Sufi, Sikh, Buddhist and Vedantic philosophy, her poetry illuminates the universal and human elements that makes all great scripture timeless.

This Nurturing Awe: Poems Inspired by the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah (Coming February 2015)

Science Fiction Works

The Children of the Great Reckoning Series, including:
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Children of the Great Reckoning: Book 1: Firewall Ianto

This startling first book FIREWALL: Ianto, is the first in a series called THE CHILDREN OF THE GREAT RECKONING. It is a tale told by Ianto Tobali, a young monk both blessed and cursed with extraordinary powers. The story is filled with time-travel, parallel universes, gender-bending, shape-shifting, and nano-technology in a Universe where time, place and space may prove more malleable than ever suspected.

The book unfolds on a future Earth where the world is apparently controlled by three entities, Spirit Marga, Science Marga and The Emperium. Ianto tells his tale, how he begins to understand the true extent of his powers to destroy. As he gains this terrible awareness, his reluctance to use these powers grows in proportion to his understanding.

Ianto is pursued by opposing forces. Some want to destroy him. Some want to test him. Some want to control, and ultimately, exploit him. Carrying the burden of atonement and later a vow of silence, Ianto longs only to return to his garden and tend his plants. But a mysterious and seductive elfin figure follows him in his dreams, and we soon realize that the world he inhabits may, or may not be the only reality; that this elfin figure may be a player in a whole other world simply called The Game.

If you enjoyed the complexities of THE MATRIX or INCEPTION, this book is for you. The writer K. B. Nelson possesses a rare combination of talents; a great storyteller, a vivid imagination and a way with words that will carry you along on a story to remember. (Daniel Roth, Past VP of HarperCollins)

Welcome to a world controlled by the great Spirit and Science Margas, a world that has crawled out of years of devastating viral plagues only to find that the immuno-nanotech sentinels meant to protect and enhance a whole generation of children are rising from within to become an even greater threat. Warped at the genetic level to mimic characters of a sophisticated life-support game, the Children of the Reckoning must struggle against the artificial intelligence reaching for their minds through their own bodies and face the stigma of “otherness” in a world of deadly political intrigue and strict social controls. For monk Ianto Tobali, his gift from the time of the Great Reckoning is fast becoming a sought-after commodity in the silent war against the Game’s artificial intelligence, Nuress, and domination of both realities. Because he is the only Child of God who can ride the nanotech links to break things or bind them to him, he is being manipulated to stand as a living firewall between the worlds of humanity and the Game. But even his tormentors underestimate the bond created between him and the one living mind at play in the Game, the consciousness of a young man named Samu'el Stelle.

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Children of the Great Reckoning: Book 2: Firewall Samu'el

Let me put a notion on the table- 'the suspension of understanding'. Even though you may not understand every scene, every character, every nuance, something compels you to go on with the expectation that in time, you will get it. You go with it.

I confess, dear reader. I did not understand everything that happened in this brilliant book. Yet I was enthralled, really could not put it down. Identities blend, share bodies, enter into various states of what is 'real' or not real. Various factions compete, through stealth, power, manipulation for the multiple identities of Ianto, the presence within Sam, his lover, really his Other. How can you have a lover who is really part of your 'true' self? With whom you 'share' a body?

The narrative really defies conventional thinking. Enjoy the ride, the mystery, the incomprehensible. The writing is elegant, the conundrums many. The story takes place on various planes of reality, and the reader (me, at least) was not always sure who was who and what was what. But that is the magic of this book-it remained compelling throughout.

An additional plus- I think the quality of writing is outstanding. The author possesses a simplicity of construct that is, at times, hypnotic. These sections that open each chapter, are often breath-taking in their elegance.

What a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended! (Daniel Roth, Past VP of HarperCollins)

The Children of the Great Reckoning Series continues in Firewall: Book 2: Samu’el Samue’l Stelle remembers very little of his life as a human child. Injured in a horrific accident, his mind has been at play in a nanotech-driven game for nearly two decades. His only living companion in this alternate world is Nuress, an artificial intelligence originally designed to create Sam’s game experiences from the stuff of his own mind. But in a world where everything is simply Sam mirrored back to himself, sanity is becoming a precious commodity. Nuress, seeking to protect his fragile heart, bonds Sam to another young man, Ianto Tobali. They touch at last through the nanotech they carry in their biological bodies, and find in each other a reason to live. But Ianto is already a pawn in a world bruised first by plagues and then the bizarre genetic changes imposed on a whole generation of children. If Sam is a creator, then Ianto is a surely a destroyer, the man who breaks things from within. Their union ties together both consensual reality and the Game, and the ripples from that connection will force all beings to redefine the very parameters of what it means to be human as well as the very nature of that emotion called love.

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Children of the Great Reckoning: Book 3: Architect

Kimberly Beyer-Nelson can write. What a blessing in these times! She can write well, with her story full of gripping incidents, subtle and original characters, an unnerving plot that keeps you turning pages,

Science fiction is a tough genre. You will find yourself enjoying this book whether you are into sci fi or not! This is, in part, because of how skillfully it's written, and, in part, because "Children of the Great Reckoning: Architect (Volume 3) works on so many levels, including the metaphysical, and the language of heart and story. It can open worlds.

You will want to know what happens next: to each character, each relationship, the knowns and unknowns in an imaginary realm. The realm becomes comfortable and we are soon lost in it.

Meet the remarkable characters, with their flaws and strengths and twists. Watch how the story unfurls in mystery. Have fun!” (Verified Amazon Reader)

The Children of the Great Reckoning series continues with Book 3: Architect. Sam Stelle is a being shackled on many levels—to a physical form that is not quite human;to the politically powerful Science Marga;to a lover who stands as a living firewall between the reality of humanity and the lands of a virtual reality game;to simple data file that is fast becoming yet another world, building itself upon Sam’s imagination and dreams yet deeply inimical to him. And he is tied to an artificial intelligence that threatens to bring it all under her sway, sweeping away individuality and free will in the name of Unity. What shackles must he break? What will be the cost? In the end, three separate realities balance on his choices because fate has decreed him the master Architect of it all.
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Children of the Great Reckoning: Book 4: Operator

“Each book of this intriguing series makes one want to go ahead and read the next one to see "what happens next". It can be read at many levels; from just being an exciting adventure to much deeper levels of understanding. It is a real mind trip. I was sorry to see it all end as I became very "attached" to the major players. I do highly recommend this insightful book and hope for perhaps more to come!” (Verified Amazon Reader)

Ianto Tobali’s son, Jerian, is coming of age in a time of upheaval: Humans are infertile. Elf-Kind has begun to fill the spaces of the Spirit and Science Margas, and its intent is not peaceful coexistence. The artificial intelligence of the orbiting space ship called the Operator has awakened and stirs restlessly in her berth. A tortured man seeks revenge for a long-ago hurt, and his actions prod a greater darkness into motion. Architect Sam Stelle can only grimly face the results of his own unconscious mind as it re-weaves the fabric of reality. Beneath it all breathes an existence more vast and timeless than any of them can imagine and a chance at a new beginning for them all. But it will be up to Jerian, the son of a Firewall, to show the way--if he survives his own metamorphosis

The Dreamcatcher Fallacy Series

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The Dreamcatcher Fallacy

“I love good science fiction. I really hate bad science fiction. This is good science fiction.” (Verified Amazon Reader)

For generations, the Company has produced made-to-order men and women for the jobs humankind itself no longer wishes to fill—soldiers, scientists, and administrators. It depends on the very predictability of what it creates, as does Earth and the far-flung galactic agricultural colonies. But not everyone finds such homogeneity comforting. Joshua 1011 is the living masterpiece of a genius with a singular mission and vision—bring back the ancient genotypes that once were the backbone of creative life. Raised in the tight-knit social structure of the Company’s military line, silently protected by its highest administrator and yet also targeted by those who are threatened by his differences, Joshua must learn what it means to carry not only Administrator and Tech gifts within himself, but also how to simply survive as an individual in a sea of look-alike brothers-in-arms. Matthew Dennon is a simple man, married early into the Core, the ruling-caste of the natural humans of Earth. But as he digs into the secrets kept by the Company, and deals with the repercussions of changes made to his own DNA long ago, he finds himself alone, divorced from the protective rings of power, fighting alongside Joshua. Together they will take a stand against the systems that cage them and the unfolding nightmare unleashed by Joshua’s troubled creator. And as a real love blossoms between himself and the young soldier, they will face decisions that affect not only themselves, but also the entire string of worlds that support the delicate thing called humanity.

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Book 2: Strands of Silk and Fire

To what extremes would you go to return humankind to its full creative potential after generations of game-leveling genetic tampering?

For the followers of a martyred genetic engineer named James Illion, the answer is obvious—all the way to the very edge of the death of civilization itself. Joshua 1011, the artificially created son of Illion, finds he is the carrier of a deadly and life-altering viral weapon. As his lover, Matthew Dennon, and his sometimes-enemy Adam struggle to find a way to save Earth and themselves, an old intelligence stirs in the depths of a vast interstellar computer network. It has worn many masks, evolving and changing over the course of centuries. But its time to act has come because it, too, knows that the only way forward for all of life, both biological and man-made, will be a path both breathtaking and destructive, and that the cost may be the end of nearly everything that came before.

From sensitive m/m romance to high adventure, from a love-sick artificial life form to young men who begin to bridge multiple realities, Strands of Silk and Fire will lead you into a time where intuition must become the best defense, and imagination, the sharpest weapon of all.

Book 3: Jaws of the Spider (coming early 2016)

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Folds of the Script

“Thought provoking, Imaginative fast-moving plot with easy-to-connect-with characters. Hard to put down. Definitely want to read more from this author.” Verified Amazon Reader

They have lived among us for over a hundred years, intimately bound to us and we to them. But they cannot acknowledge or interact with each other. In the press of the towering cities, they see only us. It was the price they unknowingly paid for our civilization, a way to re-imagine some of the fictional Robotic Laws and ensure they would never coordinate, never create a society of their own, and never become a threat.

But evolution holds true even for the children of humankind’s precocious creativity. Synapjock Ciaran Dolan is about to learn that his stories are the stuff of a Biblical Genesis--if he can survive the many characters of his own mind and reunify himself within, the gift he will bequeath to machine-kind may be full membership in the species known as human.

And all the terrible responsibilities such membership entails. 

I am Jinnai (Coming fall 2015)

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