Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Al-Mughni:The Larger Garden

We are the creators of boundaries,
drawing barriers in sand and air and red salt;
maybe that is why we so wished to fly,
to add another dimension to our delineated lives.

Together, the patchwork quilt of backyard fences,
the barbed wire of the pastures,
the grid of streets
all offer, continuously, to dissolve
into the more squiggly mental lines of
and states,
and nations.

Fly further, higher, and watch how our personal garden
like breathing.
Nothing bows in neat lines and rows,
these circles of planets and stars and the pirouette of galaxies—
brilliant communal life,
bouncing, growing, composting,
swirling, stiffening, and
giving way
like the muscles of a lover
beneath your kind,
kneading hands.

O God, keep my garden large today,
and let me hear you walking there,
tending it all
attending to us all.


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