Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Al-Qawi Cleansing Winds

“As Rumi comments, spiritual guidance often arrives in forms that we can’t fathom.  We think we have life figured out, and then something happens that squeezes the brains from our heads.”

We know the cleansing dance of the autumn winds here-
they sweep down the channels of ancient rock
and over restless waters,
asking each Douglas Fir,
“Are you ready to let go?
Do you trust the open-armed tumble,
and the tender and gentle way both fern and fungus
will grant you a new perspective on life?”
Some trees, hundreds of years old,
will answer “yes”
and fall into the wilderness they only knew
dimly in their whale-backed and exposed roots.
The no’s, even those,
will leave bits of themselves on the road,
a kind of northern Palm Sunday before winter,
and the air will smell of incense and


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