Monday, November 24, 2014

Al-Halim: States of Grace

The privacy curtain had been printed
with green leaf images,
but backlit with blue lights,
and the sound of monitors,
the wet swish of the room cleaner’s mop.
It had about the same effect of hanging a
Cardboard tree cutout saturated in air-freshener
Inside a teenage boy’s car.
Unnatural blue walls,
Betadine in everything, even the toothpaste
(I swear it tasted that way),
And when finally another IV blew,
I was quite ready to become a Code Gray—
Head for the parking lot and take my chances.
But then,
Simple miracle,
My roommate was discharged and the nurse
Drew back the curtain—and oh--
Just fog on Madrona trees,
Just a slice of gray sky,
and the reminder that most of grace is in the “just”.


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