Saturday, October 4, 2014

It Must Be Fall...I'm Weaving Again

This is the newest piece off the loom...actually many little pieces off a small loom.  Each triangle (twenty of them) is created in different yarns and tones, then assembled with crochet borders.  The finished piece is a little over six feet long, a mix of silks, organic wool and acrylic yarns (do not wash at home!).  When worn, the pieces that hang in front curl back like a collar and it can be secured in front or on the shoulder with a standard broach pin.  I love using the small looms to work with expensive or "leftover" skeins of yarn.  Blankets made this way (a queen has 60 triangles) and a wider crochet border are like stained glass windows...really lovely.  I only make about one of those a year. This one went home to Michigan.

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