Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gospel of Thomas: Poulsbo Library Group: Searching!

Our first Gospel of Thomas class met last night at the Poulsbo library.  We talked about the history of the Gospel, the reasons why it didn't becomes part of the canonical writings and the difference between gnostic and Gnostic texts.

We made it through the first four logia in the section on Searching, and the discussion was made very poignant with experiences drawn from rich and mature lives.  It was a blessing for me to teach last night.

We meet next time on Monday, October 20 at 7 PM...folks are always welcome to join mid-stream.  :-)  That's just how life works sometimes.

Going Deeper:  Questions to think and journal about

1. If we think of Gnosticism as a literary form or philosophical school, how do you understand the concept of gnostic with a small "g"?  What other poems/authors/music/movies/theater pieces are "gnostic" to you--that open up windows to a deeper kind of Knowing?

2. We talked a little about why the Gospel of Thomas didn't make it into the canon. As you read on, are you finding other reasons that would have made this a difficult text if you were trying to create an organized religion? How might our own tradition have looked today if we had been exposed to the text from the get-go?

3.  How might you put these words to work in your life--can you find a concrete practice that lets you explore some of this wisdom and then "try that practice on" for a time?

4. Why might Christians today find such texts disturbing?  What would you say to folks who "mistrust" found documents like this--allowing them to hold their opinions but gently expressing your own?

5. Do you believe you will "find" in your spiritual search?  Why or why not? What are the blessings of the search?  What are the shadows of searching?

Enjoy the journey everyone!  Next week, we'll pick up with Transition Logion 19 and go forward into what it means to "find" on the spiritual path.


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