Friday, October 10, 2014

Ar-Ra’uf: Breathing Compassion


How does the tree breathe?
Huge cycles between sun and moon.
It knows the Arabic root,
the “r” of raying out,
will always sweep back around,
angel wings dropping feathers
in its branches, reminders of Light.
It knows how to breathe in tandem
with fog and birdsong and
a dog’s lifted leg.
Alone, hurt, depressed,
we feel like we are
enclosed in a spacesuit
and time running out.
It’s never true, my friend.
Throw open your arms,
be inebriated with the oxygen
that carries oceans and Christs
and dahlias and the upsweep currents
of mountains.
With the sweet in-breath,
you will learn to Stand again,
rooted, branches wide,
and remember what the trees know.


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