Saturday, October 25, 2014

Al-Muta’ali: Consciousness that Serves

The Sufi would call it hal,
the part of mind and heart that knows
the way tree frogs share secrets in the spring night,
falling to silence all at once,
then starting up again, as if an inner conductor
calls them into perfect pitch.
But this state can be contagious—
you know the type—
they walk by and the color washes over our
monochrome life;
they whisper and someone else shouts,
half a world away;
they touch a hand,
and a wave of people come to their feet,
This is baraka,
a two-legged blessing
that strides past any dogma and belief
and hugs and kisses you
careless of any reciprocity,
exaltation called upon
and scattered
scandalously free.


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