Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Al-Muqaddim: The Elder’s Sight


Something in you is very old,
even if you are just brushing against
double digits.
It rests in the cave of the heart,
wise eyes watching you from
a vantage point even the Big Bang
could not get above or around.
It holds a gift given to you by
your ancestor’s ancestor, far back—
the secret whispered in the twist of your DNA
from your Source.
Trust it like the way
you walk through fog,
and feel it form gems in your dark hair
that fall like tears.
Grasp it in the way you walk through
a yarn shop—
even in the dark, you would know
your favorite fibers by touch.
Gnosis winks and flirts with words,
but is quick as a hummingbird
touching beak to your cool tea--
so I’ll be quiet now.


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