Monday, October 20, 2014

Al-Muhaimin: Divine Protection


The bird springs away,
but was it feathers that protected her?
Something more than hollow bones lifted her.
The wolf pauses, hunkers for a moment,
but what blends it so perfectly
with grass and shadow?
Something more than color I think.
In hide-and-seek,
what thrilled through your childhood veins
as you ran,
as you dug into the closet or
dove under the bed?
Maybe you can feel it now,
that half-smile curving,
those fingers dancing to the music,
almost unconsciously.
Our bodies course with life,
the vibration of continuance, of permanence
that calls the seasons ‘round again,
and paints rainbows in the sky. 
The Real can never be injured,
the Truth holds all paradoxes,
and that which we feel we must protect,
is only expressing a wave, passing through.
Once you have sensed this,
you’ll have to silently catch my eye
to speak of it at all.


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