Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Al-Malikal-Mulk: Holding All Things

Are you one of those shy ones,
the ones living in skin so thin, so fine,
that a mere glance can make you swallow hard,
the way someone moves past you on the sidewalk
make you shiver?
Do you search each face in oblique, though,
hoping for that glimmer of recognition?
Do you keep the blatting news off,
prefer the softly scented pages of an old book
to the coffee-house click and chatter?
Then this name is for you to murmur
on your lonely walk,
said in time with your breath.
For here is the realization that
everything is upheld in God,
like sand, the impermanent sifts through,
until we are all cupped, the center of us
the soul,
glowing in vast palms
and there, I promise you,
you will never be alone.


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