Friday, October 3, 2014

Al-Hasib: Life in the Details

Sit here beside me-
the autumn sun is warming
and my flute likes this weather.
Six small holes, see?
Watch everything that has to happen—
fingertips closing or half closing or fluttering,
my tongue touching the mouthpiece
here and here,
angle just so, my eyes half-closed,
the trills and low mournful notes held
just long enough
for breath to mutate into the
squawking throaty answering
cry from the heron.
I’m not sure it was applause, but
from blue sky and the inside of my lungs,
from what used to be a chunk of a cedar tree,
from a stately bird stalking back along the creek bed,
and now mixing merrily with your laughter,
its easy to see how all things are little beads
threaded on the breath of God.


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