Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Al-Muqit: Nourishing Steadiness

This is not the work of sweat-
nor the intellectual headache-
nor the endless self-examination
cross-legged in the self-help aisle.
This is the internal layer of rich fat
insulation and fodder
when the winter shivers up
against your fogged windows.
This is the way the breath
swirls in your heart,
and with the warm tea in your belly.
This is the rock that barnacles cling to,
even as the tide flows in and out.
This is a whale’s gnosis-
krill will be there
as they open their enormous mouths,
sieving salt and life, all an enthusiastic abiding
in trustworthy cycles.


"Every breath nourishes and protects us from dying, qaa'it-un-nafas. The breath itself is a kind of nourishment from God that protects from the death of the heart."

From:  Physicians of the Heart: the Sufi View of the 99 Names of Allah

Find the entire poetry collection This Nurturing Awe:  Poems Inspired by the 99 Beautiful Names of God at

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