Thursday, September 25, 2014

Al-Karim: Generously Abundant

We have two hands so
one can give and one receive
the movement of each massaging
the heart and fed by the rhythmic
breath of spirit.
In each form of all creation
glitters unabashed abundance,
no, not the kind that economists play with--
interesting building blocks
to reassemble according to color or shape,
but rather,
notice how each manifest bit of reality
touches our senses
enriches us and
encourages us to immediately give it away again.
Abundance that stops breathing,
moving from right hand to left,
is a dead thing, my friend.
And no matter how appreciated, hoarded or multiplied,
it will remain a zero sum until
you begin to intuit
the zero is the nature of fullness,
your fingers open,
and life will again whistle merrily over your
outstretched palms.


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