Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Al-Jalil: Pooling Strength

Lake Huron ripples up,
between glistening stones,
nudging the thin lines smudging
land and water and sky—
all gray today,
but such shades of that color!
Like an elephant’s wet hide,
the eye of a blond child,
the mane of bull-fighter’s horse,
a dust rag after cleaning,
the corpus of Yeshua on the cross.
Tai chi steps to walk the beach here,
grudging respect for the bush
who sends down shallow roots,
holding limestone and fossils
while sipping shipwrecks.
In the winter, the water will rush up,
singing and rearranging with shards of ice,
but now,
the humid clouds cupping low,
strength pools
and rocks its children to sleep.


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