Sunday, September 14, 2014

Al-Hakim: Discriminating Wisdom

In the NOW we can only take a single taste.
Sometimes, it’s like the decision between
strawberries or dark chocolate.
There is a way we are called to imbibe such paradoxes-
our exuberant inner loudmouth
forced to kneel and look under the table
for the shy or hurting one,
wiggle fingers, coaxing instead of yelling.
Trembling, that part of us edges forward,
and once seated at Wisdom’s table,
shows how to dip the strawberry in the chocolate.
In a small glance, a quirky smile, she tells everyone,
without saying a word,
that it’s not necessary to copy her,
but if you listen carefully as she communicates
out of a place of union
you’ll see a million ways that
just authentically
express themselves


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