Saturday, September 27, 2014

Al-Basit: Expansion from the Center

First, understand contraction,
the way illness or emotional pain
either pushes you behind your heart
or slices off bits
that wander in your back-brain,
looking for shadowed corners.
Then, understand this—
God has been poking around with
a flashlight,
because he heard the echo of your whimper
in some dark hallway.
He’ll come in through your spine,
no, not like a dagger,
but by making you porous again,
rubbing incense and cedar into the air
looking up at you with rock-eyes on the beach,
flashing Stellar Jay blue with a raucous bob and cry.
He’ll sidle up to you with wind-chimes
and mourning doves and decaf Spanish Mocha,
and if you are very lucky,
you will get the whole sense-surround symphony
in one shot, thrown back, burning away the night.
Lovers aren’t always subtle;
they’re just inevitable.


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