Friday, September 5, 2014

Al-Ali: The Exalted, the Grand

When the world has caught you in “AH!”
that’s when you kick your shoes off
and drop to your knees.

Before the words rush up to capture it,
or the cell phone whips out in camera mode,
just throw open your arms,
fingers wide so you can’t grasp it.

That is what will make you rich.

I don’t care if it is a squirrel daredeviling
from branch to branch,
the long cool stare of the wolf in the brush,
the sinuous coil of a green snake,
sliding into wet morning grass,
the first cries of the Kestrel hatchlings
the way a cumulus cloud builds and builds
making a billowy cathedral over the water.

That first impulse is the right one,
praise for the hour and the day,
in a way
that sighs out and out like
you do with your lover.


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