Monday, September 15, 2014

Al-‘Afuw: Blowing the Ashes Away

Forgiver, pardoner,
I do not trust the heat of strong emotions-
I have seen how forest fires start,
this negligent flick of a lit cigarette
and then,
the fire stands up into itself,
leaps from tree tops
and bellows in the valleys.
There is something vibrantly and terribly
in such things.
But....but...what cost?--
afterwards, the glowing and muttering coals,
the drifting ash,
and everything seems darkness.
Help me to find a trust in the burning,
the way ash and soil will sift together,
cooled by the heavy winter snows,
and in the spring,
something authentically green
will poke one small finger through the black,
and remember
its genesis with the flaring, flaming, purifying light
of the sun.


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