Friday, August 22, 2014

The Queen of Red Ants

Do vows teach you not to feel
the edgy loneliness?
I rest my chin on my folded hands,
the empty yard rolled out,
it's ancient oaks gone, 
four at a time to root wilt.

The grass is thin and brown
and when I do qigong,
the moss holds the arches of my feet.

Red ants swarm, lifting their new queens
to the sky on delicate veined wings.
One lands on the screen, 
her antennae poking through for a moment,
then whisks away, 
mostly wind-driven.

I know she will fall to ground,
shed her wings and settle in.

Not so easy this warm summer day,
with winter hinting only--
back to school advertisements
and wood-filled trucks
heading home.


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