Friday, August 1, 2014

Classes with the North Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Church, Poulsbo, WA

The following classes will be held at the lower level of the Poulsbo Library.  Please register with the North Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Church:

Fall and Winter 2014-2015

The Gospel of Thomas:  The Christian Path of Non-Dual Consciousness

Suggested book: 
Yeshua’s Yoga: The Non-Dual Consciousness Teachings of the Gospel of Thomas
by Kimberly Beyer-Nelson, MA

Price: Donation

Monday, October 6th: 7-8:30
Monday, October 20th: 7-8:30
Monday, October 27th: 7-8:30
Monday, November 3rd: 7-8:30

The Gospel of Thomas, unearthed in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945, remains one of the most exciting archaeological finds of recent centuries.  But how prepared are we to approach this text on its own terms?  How accurately are we able to discover what it is saying, immersed as we are in 2000 years of Platonic and dualistic Christian orthodoxy?  Thanks to the influx of Eastern teachers and writings and the new crop of Western teachers willing to re-approach their Christian tradition as the Eastern event the teachings of Jesus were, we may finally be able to see the meaning and philosophical structure of this ancient and truly remarkable text. The Gospel of Thomas delineates the Way of Yeshua, a spiritual path that guides us through six clear movements of searching, finding, trouble, wonder, reigning, and rest.  The resonance with classic Yogic paths makes this document the bridge many searchers need to reconcile and fully embrace the wisdom of both the East and the West.  Your guide for the journey will be comparative religion scholar and writer Kimberly Beyer-Nelson.  Prepare for evenings rich in dialogue and cradled with contemplative silence.

The Four Major Faces of Seated Meditation:  Mindfulness, Centering Prayer, Mantra and Tonglen

Date:  January 13 7-9:30 PM

Price: Donation

All meditation is NOT created equal, and finding the right practice for yourself can be both frustrating and lonely.  This class will allow you to “try on” four very different practices, and help you to discern what technique might work best for you.  A short history of the practice, and a little unpacking the experience at the end will encourage you to experiment and enjoy the voyage into your center.  Taught by Hatha Yoga therapist and comparative religion scholar Kimberly Beyer-Nelson.

The Four Faces of Moving Meditation: Chair Yoga, Gentle Qigong, Mindfulness Walking and Meditative Movement to music

Date:  February 10 7-9:30 PM

Price: Donation

Sitting meditation is not for everyone, but if we are wiggly by nature, how do we tap into the calm silence and deeper states of consciousness that meditators enjoy?  There are specific techniques that use the physical body to help the mind find its way to stillness and openess. This class will let you sample four of the most popular forms of moving meditation in a fun and relaxing environment.  Taught by Hatha Yoga Therapist and Qigong instructor Kimberly Beyer-Nelson.

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