Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yeshua's Yoga is LIVE on Amazon

Yeshua's Yoga: 
The Non-Dual Consciousness Teachings
of the 
Gospel of Thomas


Kimberly Beyer-Nelson, MA

Early Review of Yeshua's Yoga:

"I suspect you will find this book quite exciting, comforting, and also challenging!
The Gospel of Thomas, so new on the scene yet perhaps the oldest of all, is waiting for just such insight and commentary as this.  This is a new opening for all believers to unitive and non
dual consciousness."

Fr.Richard Rohr,O.F.M.
Center for Action and Contemplation
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Kimberly’s book will resonate with intellectual and mystic alike.  It is food for the mind, body and spirit.  She transforms the whole concept of scholarly commentary by weaving in playful poetry, embodied spiritual practice and ultimately leading one to a place beyond words.”

Rev. Emily Tannis-Lickel
Seattle, WA

“Kim is a consummate teacher, so who better to advance the Gospel of Thomas as the stunning teaching tool it is? Using poetry, reason, sacred insight, and spiritual practice, Kim provides a pragmatic and engaging pathway into this Gospel. Every passage is infused with her passion for direct knowing. Don’t miss it!”

Rev. Dr. Thomas Thresher
Suquamish United Church of Christ, WA

"In this volume, Kimberly Beyer-Nelson has centered her explorations around what I believe to be the central concern of the Gospel of Thomas—the wisdom of oneness (or non-duality). Then she has done what every student of this unique stream of wisdom must do—making the text and its principles her own by wrestling with its truth and integrating its meaning as an integral and practical part of her own life. Her work is a template for others who would seek to the meaning of this text “in order to transcend the taste of death” (Logion 1). I am pleased that she is pioneering this genre of “wisdom-seeking and finding” as a personal process and has produced a volume to encourage other in the same heart-felt work."

Lynn Bauman
Praxis of Prayer
Telephone, Texas

"All sacred texts merit study, but adding the gaze of the heart and spirit is the surest way to bathe in their transformational wisdom.   Kimberly’s poems on the logia in the Gospel of Thomas will help you soak in the texts.  Lucky you. You are about to join an intimate and inspiring tryst between yourself, Kim, and the Spirit of the Christ." 
Sue Sutherland-Hanson, M. Div.
Indianola, WA
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Coming soon to audio with narrator Jack Nolan!

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