Friday, June 13, 2014

The Non-Dual Matthew--7:6


Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn and attack you.

Have you stumbled on glimmers of that two-eyed world--
the fan of delicate pastels the dead-fall cedars
clothe themselves in with the flair of sea and sun?
Have you listened with the careful ear,
hearing the murmured conversation of what is not said?
Have you tasted, in the first summer blueberry,
all the seasons at once, and found nothing bitter?

How can you give such things to another
until they, too, awaken within?

We can only find what is already stirring in us;
it's merely fodder
and bedding,
these words aching for ears
willing to usher such things
to the heart.

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