Thursday, June 12, 2014

Now Available! Audio version of At Matthew's Knee!

At Matthew's Knee: A Poetic Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew is now available in audio format...
and I still have a few to give away for free (if you're willing to write a couple lines of blurbage for it!)  Just give me a holler at!

How do you get there? Click on this link!

In this work, I've tried to honestly approach the first six chapters of Matthew, allowing whatever poetic expression wants to end up on paper to emerge without a lot of "P.C." theological editing.  Sometimes, the commentary will feel comfortably traditional, other times, you will experience my very human sorrow, frustration, joy and even giddiness come through.  I tend to look at all scripture with a very "Eastern" eye, the result of years of studying Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufi traditions, and that will also come sailing along on some of the poems.

Jack Nolan, the narrator, works in Hollywood and his voice and timing are spot on perfect in this work.  

The price is sure right, too--under $5.00, so enjoy!

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