Friday, June 13, 2014

New series of poetry: The Unitive Way of Reading Matthew

I'm starting a new series of poetry, beginning with the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Eventually, these poems will be carefully edited and will appear as At Matthew's Knee: A Poetic Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, Volume 2.  Each day, I'll be posting at least one new entry.  Holler if you enjoy the work--love hearing from people, you know.  :-)

I'm having a great deal of fun sitting with this Gospel and using classical Lectio Divina to allow the inner voice of the scripture arise in me.  Some days, the poetry takes me to places I was not really expecting to go, and those days are nothing but pure gifts for me.  Some days the poetry is just middling and kinda preachy and that, too, is fine.  What you are seeing on this blog is the beginning place, where a movement of energy and glimmers of insight start.  If you don't like a piece on a given day, come back and try a few more.  A writer is not ever the same person who sits down at the keyboard, not only year by year, but even hour by hour.

That's a huge part of the delight here, meeting myself and how I might read these words with a unitive or non-dual eye each day.

And I am trying, through my poetry, to remind myself how to walk a spiritual path as a kind of monk in the world--monk being the only easily accessible word for the spiritual discipline I try to build into my life.  I'm not interested in being right or correct by tradition's scales, but rather, listening to how the ancient words are touching me here, today and NOW in a way that can be lived, not merely nodded at on a Sunday morning. The first work of the monk is union with God--more important than a job in the world, more critical than following any set routine.  In that sense, I am entirely monastic, even though I have a lovely family and teach in the community.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this next series of posts for the next few months.  If you want to use any of them as liturgy or to share with others, you are more than welcome...just let folks know where they came from.


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