Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reigning according to Yeshua: One Line distillations from the Gospel of Thomas

We reign when

77. we sense the heart of Mystery in all things, universally.

78. we stand unified in the face of truth, vulnerable and without any props.
79. we are able to remain grounded in that union with God, even in the face of compliments and curses alike.

80. we unify the wisdom of seeing our infinity with the compassion of holding our finiteness in the present moment.

81. we are conscious that the difference between temporal kingship and reigning hinges on our ability to release control of outer circumstances, even as we are grounded in the abundance of our union with God.

82. we fully surrender to the light, heat and transformation that is the heart of the spiritual journey.

83. we understand that we blaze with the light of God, and become an avenue for that wisdom and compassion to enter into relationship with creation.

84. we are able to release the ego and rest in its timeless becoming, tempered with compassion.

85. we understand that we have the capacity to overcome our fear of death and live with joy and enthusiasm.

86. we understand the deepest nature of reigning is actually learning to relax into ever-present energy of change that is the reality of relative existence.

87. we place our seat of wisdom in the soul of ultimate reality, without denigrating the vehicle of our bodies so firmly situated in relative reality.

88. we stand up firmly in the relational I AM, discerning accurately the shared and interwoven life that is THE power of God.

89. we embody the qualities of the empty cup, clean within and without,
so that we might be of the most transparent use.

90. we understand that the “work” of justice, gentleness, and rest becomes effortless when we are yoked with the wisdom and compassion of God.

91. we come into the present moment without the bias of belief nor the comfortable constructs that keep ground beneath our feet.

92. we do not fall back to sleep in the midst of our life, thinking that having seen once, we will always see or having heard once, we will always hear.

93. we offer spiritual advice only with great reluctance and only when asked for.

94. we are willing to believe that all must knock on wisdom’s door from within and it will always be answered.

Transition Logion 95:  when asked, we can give of our spiritual understanding freely and without expectation of any kind of return for this will bring us our greatest peace and rest within.

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