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Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 92

Logion 92

Yeshua says,

Seek now, I say,
and you will find
that for which you search.
You see, I am ready to tell you
everything you were asking earlier
and did not explain
but at the moment
no one is searching out anything.

                                 Translation:  Lynn Bauman in
The Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin
The First Response:
Can you not look this way?
Not even for a moment?
Do I have to climb onto this cross
you will see?
Even that event,
echoing in artistic medium through ages,
is a mumble if
you do not once raise your eyes
to Mine.
Mary learned more from a single
in the garden
than you do,
so bowed over that scripture,
so inclined to that sermon.
You drop your head at the proper times,
fingers flicking over the imagined cross of your chest,
but when I scream across the ages,
“Look at Me!  HEAR ME!”
how quickly your hand reaches for the i-phone
to snatch pictures of a semi-famous athlete,
his face hidden in his dusty hands.

Just so you can feel.
Just so you don’t have to feel.

I cannot turn My face from you,
and you, circles of your mind already widening
with the daily,
nudge me away
like foam
riding on salt water.


Journey through Logos:

This is one of the “poignant” logion for me, the sad and resigned sigh of Yeshua who knows that when we begin to reign out of our sips of gnosis, one of the dangers of this stage of the spiritual journey is that we will think we have wholly arrived.  We can become jaded even with knowing, making it stale and automatic and in that moment, we have lost what we tried so very hard to find and make our own.  I can imagine him, standing ready to answer questions that never come.  Questions arise out of the beginner’s mind, the fresh mind.  At this moment in time, he is aware how alone he is, the silence around him the retreat of his disciples into a space of comfortable numbness.
As a Christian culture, we often miss the deep aloneness that Yeshua experienced.  That may be the second teaching here—that we will not be well seen, well understood, as we stand up into this gift of awakened consciousness  And that aloneness will be deeply painful at times—not so much for ourselves, but for those sleepwalking around us.  It does not mean we slide into spiritual pride, nor cut off our relationship with others, only that our responsibility is vast when we take up this work.  And we will feel it, deep in our bones.

Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

“If you want the truth, 
I’ll tell you the truth: 
Listen to the secret sound, 
the real sound, 
which is inside you.” 

Do not keep the slanderer away,
treat him with affection and honor:
Body and soul, he scours all clean,
babbling about this and that.” 

Practicing Unity:

How do you plan to keep your spiritual life fresh?  What small steps would awaken you to “hear” and “question” and “see” the world in all its textures as Yeshua wishes for us?

Hokmah’s Gnosis:

We reign when we do not fall back to sleep in the midst of our life, thinking that having seen once, we will always see or having heard once, we will always hear.

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