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Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 90

Logion 90

Yeshua says,

Come to me
for justice is my yoke,
and gentleness is my rule,
and you will discover the state of rest.

                                 Translation:  Lynn Bauman in
The Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin

The First Response:
I shade in pictures of
shattered pottery
rearranged in line drawings
and 0.33 mm coloring sticks—
a memory of a thing’s memory—
broken to give me
a little piece of calming monotony
that also shimmers
and seems for a time
How simple it really is,
to see how God ripples salmon-like
through the opaque waters soaking us,
and know
I really only have to raise my eyes
from my ordered marker palette
to touch gentleness
to touch rest.


 Journey through Logos:

There is no strain in the way of Yeshua.  Restlessness, work, willfulness—these things are the wages of maintaining our personas and masks, instead of working easily in the harness, the yoke, with the God who suffuses everything.  Justice arises simply out of rightly seeing reality for what it is, as does gentleness and rest.  This deep authenticity is the very ground not only of reigning without effort, but also manifesting  the deep relationship we have with all of creation.
The act of yoking (union, yoga) is the act of being in compassionate connectivity with the wholeness of life.  Because nothing is outside of that yoke, the “work” of living becomes simple.  We no longer need to prove ourselves, fight for or against anything because when anything is viewed through this holy lens, everything becomes workable—a working with, rather than against.  This is the very harnessing of wisdom with compassion that frames much of Buddhist thought as well.

Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

Give up this dry discussion, this hodge-podge of philosophy. Who has been able to know God by reasoning? Even sages like Suka and Vyasa are at best like big ants trying to carry away a few grains of sugar from a large heap
--Sri Sarada Devi
Even the impossible becomes possible through devotion.
--Sri Sarada Devi

What else does one obtain by realization of God? Does one grow two horns? No, the mind becomes pure, and through a pure mind one attains knowledge and awakening.
--Sri Sarada Devi

Practicing Unity:
When you think of the word “justice”, what images or impressions or words arise for you.  Did you link gentleness and rest with this word as this logion does? Why or why not?

Hokmah’s Gnosis:

We reign when we understand that the “work” of justice, gentleness, and rest becomes effortless when we are yoked with the wisdom and compassion of God.

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