Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gospel of Thomas: The Teachings on Rest

We enter into Rest when

96. we yeast our lives with simplicity, an  honest relationship with everything and a sense of transparency.

97. we move in the world of actions with both wisdom and compassion.

98. we first confront the walls within ourselves before we try to move decisively with wisdom and compassion in the world.

99. we begin to understand that we are the discerning gatekeepers to our own inner homes of mind and heart.

100.                      we live out of the unity of our shared existence, rather than quibble over the categories and subtexts of life.

101. we are able to hold those we love with both a discerning distance and a recognition of our eternal oneness.

102. we discern the difference between reigning in effortless awareness and the energy of passivity.

103. we are able to see the world accurately from our sovereign seat of deep awareness, even as the actions of that world continue around us.

104. we can use the tools of entering into presence at the right time and for the right reasons.

105. we are able to see that our sometimes painful interactions in community are simply the continued birth-pains that are part of being a Unified One.

106. unified, we are wholly human and wholly divine,
and the mountains are not any different from the ground on which we stand.

107. we, like a single sheep, can tread the paths of the world without a herd, unified with our Shepherd and our God.

108. when we abide in the Becoming that is action in non-action, knowing that there, all paradoxes cease, in the deepest unity of relationship.

109. we are content to rest with the treasure of gnosis without lending it at interest to the dividing powers of commerce and status.

  1. we understand our kingdom and treasure, our gnosis, is worth more to us than the value assigned such things in relative reality.

  1. all the parts of ourselves come together in wholeness, allowing heaven and earth and death to all pass away.

  1. when we function out of the place that is equally of spirit and embodied being.

  1. after sharing our view of the world to those who ask, simply let any expectation of understanding go.

114. we are spacious, inclusive, discerning, gentle, humor-filled and fearless in our relationships, becoming the living proof of all that Yeshua has tried to teach.

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