Monday, April 28, 2014

Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta--The Wonder Sayings

We are filled with wonder when...

40.  when we realize we can put a great deal of space and waiting around times of trouble, and that act will show us both the wheat and weeds of our own minds and hearts.

41.  trouble awakens us into a sense of our wholeness.

42.  our daily practice of awareness becomes the way to approach death without fear.

43.  we realize that when we move in a world without assumptions, we will also find a life-giving place to rest.

44.  out of the isolation of our aloneness, we find the intimacy of our Source.

45.   we come to know the Body that is beyond all opposites.

46.  we realize how we are able to so easily ignore the inevitability of our death.

47.  we understand that all the parts of ourselves are being gently called to the Communion Table.

48.  we realize that the masterful student must work the field and gather the “profit” not by proxy but by the blisters of his own hands.

49.   we recognize that we stand blessed in all our imperfection that is perfect unto itself.

50.  we see we don’t need to know it all because we are already that ALL.

51.   we find there is no hard and fast “me” within us who really can be persecuted.

52.  we come to see that our deepest reaction to persecution and hunger creates the very questions that open our heart.

53.   we comprehend that in deeply affirming our great Yes to Mystery, we will, from our relationship with That, birth our own salvation.

54.  we realize that we do not need to be prisoners in the house of our egos

55.  we see that we cannot believe in the oneness of God and continue to divide and evaluate the world, thinking that is the greatest level of reality.

56.  we grasp that abundance is always at hand,
in a form that never can be taken from us and will never die.

57. we realize that both our sense of abundance and our sense of spiritual thirst arrive from the same place in our hearts, each balancing the other in holy paradox.

58.  we receive the message that all our inner fountains will be filled, the doors open, the harvest waiting only for our single and eternal Yes.

Transition Logion 76: We are filled with Wonder when we know that we have found the “pearl of great price,” bought it and begin to reign out of it.

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