Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 71

Logion 71

Yeshua says,
I will destroy this house
and no one will ever
be able to rebuild it.

                                 Translation:  Lynn Bauman in
The Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin

The First Response:

in sea-glass and seaweed,
in dark chocolate and raspberries,
in this brush of hand past hand,
in the silent house, moonlight streaming in,
in an old dog’s eyes
and in the empty sanctuary,
flowers fading on a driftwood cross.
I will chase You,
beyond the sagging rafters of tradition
and the flaking cement of dogma and creed.

Just let me see You,
draw me out
as you draw me in.

All things do fall apart,
at least the stuff of


Journey through Logos:
How we build it – this cage we call an ego and think it house and home.  How we preserve it, with the cement of the past and the shadowy hopes of the future.  How we armor it, with many locks of self-righteousness, of ideologies and dogmas and handed-down belief.  What poor hosts we can be to what is not family or tribe, to what is uncomfortable or new to us.  I can go on, but you see the powerful analogy that Yeshua (and the Buddha) make here.  The house we think we have in our ego is not our True home.  It is a prison.
And when we come to see that, when we break what is rigid and guarded and even comfortable and secure, we finally begin to understand what Yeshua means by the son of man having no place to lay his head (Luke 9:58).  Neither do we, if we want to follow this Way in all honesty and courage.  We instead will be at home in the universe, a placement of heart that can never be taken from us.

Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

‘Oh housebuilder! You have now been caught!
You shall not build a house again.
Your rafters have been broken. Your ridgepole demolished.
nirvana has been attained.
And every kind of craving has been uprooted and destroyed.’

Dhammapāda, verses 153,154 (Buddha speaking to the Lord of Illusion)

Practicing Unity:
What image or piece of music captures for you what it would feel like to live a life that is not bound by the walls and roof of your expectations, beliefs, affiliations and self-consciousness?

Hokmah’s Gnosis:
We are filled with Wonder when we realize that we do not need to be prisoners in the house of our egos.

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