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Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 66

Logion 66

Yeshua says,

Bring me the stone
the builders discarded.
That one will be the key.

                                 Translation:  Lynn Bauman in
The Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin

The First Response:
The trucks ground them up,
the tractor pushed them aside,
but I?
I went along with my bucket,
picking up the fist-sized stones by hand,
so caked with mud that I had no idea
what they might actually look like.
In my garden, I laid them out,
a rag-tag collection of dirty lumps
scattered amongst
 hostas and grasses
and the tender beginnings of
deep green plants from Indonesia.
Now, I watch the skies for rain
curious to see their colors rinsed
fresh and honest
in their apparent uselessness.


Journey through Logos:

Yeshua isn’t building walls and churches and fortresses or even homes.  He’s looking for the spirit in the stone, the way the light and shadow on its uneven face make us aware of the indwelling spirit in everything.  Builders see the utility of the rock.  Yeshua sees the beauty, the potential, the mirror and brave one who cannot be framed and stacked and utilized but rather, is able to stand in that incredibly human place of imperfection and the total blessedness of our being. 
It’s eerie, but I feel like this logion is speaking about the Gospel of Thomas itself.  If we use a deep and careful reading of this text (that never made it into the canon) as the key to unlock the halls of knowledge that the priests and scholars have kept from us, if we use it as the “touchstone” for the New Testament of the Bible, what new wonders will open to us!

Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

Open your eyes of love, and see Him who pervades this world! Consider it well, and know that this is your own country.


“Now I have no caste, no creed,
I am no more what I am!”


Practicing Unity:

What parts of you are like a stone that builders have put aside.  What might these places tell you about your relationship with God?

Hokmah’s Gnosis:

We are filled with Wonder when we recognize that we stand blessed in all our imperfection that is perfect unto itself.

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